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Enter the world of myth and legends...


Fire spirits, golden winged angels, unicorns and mysterious cloaked figures are glimpsed in the distance.. Etherial music floats through the trees, giants fight on the lawns, characters appear and lead you off into the grounds,and deep into your imagination, drawing on archetypes and drawing you personally into a chain of interlinked stories and poems, . ...or is it all one story?


The nature of a Sylvan Fantasy is a true hybrid between promenade theatre, unusual outdoor concert, storytelling and art installation. Each Sylvan Fantasy is a unique bespoke performance inspired by, and integrated with the individual location. If this calls for a more Gothic edge, this can be incorporated in the show design, if it calls on woodland fantasy this will be strong, if epic otherworldlyness is highest this comes to the fore, classical worlds creep into the now...


Sylvan Fantasy Options:

  • Arialists in the tree tops - silk dancers swooping down
  • Dragons attempting to eat guests
  • Magical tableau of fairyland
  • Dragons represented in fire dancing
  • Exotic dancers swirling in a delicate metallic whorl of Isis Wings
  • Mermaids splashing into pools as they appear in a storytelling nearby
  • Unicorns in orchards
  • Giant puppets
  • Epic battles
  • Fireworks and pyrotechnics
  • A hero, A princess
  • mysterious figures flitting between hedges
  • Woven together by the strands of the evenings stories

As every single Sylvan Fantasy is tailored specifically for the gardens it is set in, significant advance notice is required for booking this event. As much work is involved in the creation part payment in advance of the event as well as deposit for performers will be required.

Please contact us at Catspaw for further discussion of options and your venue.