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Enter the mirage...

The Arabian Night Adventure is an exotic evenings entertainment with captivating tales, tantalising dancing and infectious music. Swirling veils and shimmying coins answer rhythmic drums all with the exotic middle eastern style. Tales of adventure and smart wits captivate audiences.


As the guests settle in the gentle music and presenceof the performers sets the mood inobstrusively. (Incense can add to the atmosphere even more and can be included if acceptable to the venue).

Then your host introduces the show and the music comes into its own as the musicians work with the dancer(s).

We break from the entertainments for the guests to gather their meals. Whilst eating they can also listen in wonder as our storyteller spins tales of adventure and wisdom with the wonderful stories from either Arabian Nights or other classic arabic tales or myths.

More dancing and music followed, and for longer bookings the option of another story set.

The evening is rounded off with more music for those who'd like to join in with the dancing.


Suggested menus are available - a buffet can fit very well including much finger food such as falafel, vine leaf parcels, however this show can also very easily work well with a suitable plated meal (menu suggestions available eg: lamb tagine and couscous with apricots and almonds etc).