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PA spec

we no longer hold an inhouse PA but can advise on the hire.

Sound Engineer

  • Experienced professional film/video sound engineer (with own good quality kit)
  • Regularly works/worked live sound with a variety of bands
  • Internationally toured with bands
  • Professional musician - so also understands pressures on band

Please Contact us about timings for any particular event but in general allow 3 hours plus sound checks.

Please allow a minimum of 2 hours to physically assemble the rig and plug everything in

then an additional 1 hour to tune the graphics to the room to ensure a high quality clear sound without feedback

and that's before any sound checks start. (Which should generally be between 1/2 and 1 hour dependent on the band/performer - all musicians and vocalists DO need to be present for this as one musician chosing not to bother to turn up until the gig can throw the performance, cause feedback issues, and prevent other musicians getting the full attention of the engineer they deserve later.

This way we get the very highest quality sound with no glitches, not only out front for the audience but also on the monitoring on stage is properly balanced and tuned and allows the very best and most comfortable performance from the band/musicians.

The Catspaw engineer has had major named bands thank him for this attention to detail - quoting it as "the best monitoring they'd had in years" and with their fans saying the band sounded better than they had even at Wembley. It really does make a big difference. Show you care about quality - give us time to do it properly.