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Famous amongst pagan circles for his wicked lyrics Paul has a folk background and can play any size of pagan event.

As one man and his guitars he shows skill in the arts of the bard in an earthy and pragmatic manner. A talented musician but not given to over-prettying things he is to some degree the Billy Bragg of the pagan scene.

His songs include such classics as "Just what the world needs - another bloody druid", "Lucifer and the fluffy-bunny Wiccans" and favourites such as the modern folk song heard around many pagan camp fires "Far Better Pagan", the title track off his first album.

Although we wouldn't dream of disccriminating on grounds of religion or ethnicity for a booking, we would point out that many of Paul's lyrics will mean much more to those with some kind of pagan background, although most of his songs can still be appreciated without the background, he is ideally suited to and most enjoyed by such groups especially in an Eistedfodd, concert or campfire setting.