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Maryjane are reputed to be Southamptons finest psychedelic folk outfit. What is psychedelic folk I hear you ask?

It is similar to folk rock, but in many ways less predictable. Although they rely on traditional instruments and skill rather than a selection of different effects boxes they manage a distinctive and modern sound to what could otherwise appear to be a relatively conventional folk rock group.

A special point about MaryJane is that the majority ofthe material they perform is of their own composition. To hear a gig you would suspect that far more of the set is actually made up of Traditional numbers than it is. Of course they add their mark to any trad number they do cover.

Instrumentation within the band varies but fiddle, mandolin, whistles and flute; electric bass pairing powerful drums; and the guitar and bazar(bazouki/guitar hybrid) all feature alongside Jo and Gillys wonderful voices at various points.

MaryJane play festivals, pubs, and other gigs and are available for private events such as birthdays, parties and weddings.