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Kate Fletcher sings like an angel (albeit a very interesting angel) and plays fitting guitar on her own compositions. Although she prefers to work with her own range of material she can include some traditional numbers if required.

Kate has worked with a variety of talented musicians, over the years including being a key member of Epona for some time. Kate will be recording a new demo later this year. In the mean time contact us for details of where you can catch her in the near future if you want to hear her play before booking her.

Kate's currently performs in a selection of formats. She plays solo gigs working mostly with her own material; in a medieval duo Tatterdemalions covering a variety of early music and also in another duo Rigantona, playing songs and tunes, original and traditional. She also frequently appears as one of the stars of The Dark Ages Feast.


Kate has recently released a beautiful solo album which is doing very well.