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Discover the history and mythology of the land around you in a way that makes it incredibly real, and great fun! Longshanks offers the archeological and historical information specific to the site and the time period being studied, Talesman fills in the swirling clouds of mythology around the castles in your mind!

Using a variety of fitting props (some archaeological finds, some reproduction) this is Performance Archaeology proving that you can have a great day out - and learn about our ancestors at the same time.

You will be taken on a gentle rural stroll to fascinating historical sites with frequent stops for interpretation of archaeological remains, short informative sketches, relevant stories and occasional poems. You will be frequently physically involved, handling real archaeological finds or replicas, and becoming part of the reconstructions of the past yourselves (though nothing embarrasing), such as standing on the sites of post holes to create an iron age roundhouse. All walks end with the 3 Minute History of England. These are not route marches. The lengths of walks vary between 2 to 5 miles. There are plenty of stops along the way, and plenty of chance to chat with friends, make new friends or ask Longshanks or The Talesman questions.

GUARANTEE. Rain will not stop play! If the weather is too bad to do the walk safely, there will be a 'live-radio' style presentation version in the nearest public house. The show will go on even if the walk doesn't.

CHOOSE from any of these 23 WALKS! In three regions South Coast (Dorset & Hampshire), Severn Valley (Gloucestershire, Herefordshire & Somerset) and Thames Valley and Ridgeway (Berkshire, Oxfordshire & Wiltshire) . If you require a bespoke event then the timing and cost will have to allow for significant preparation and research.

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See L&T Time Tours weekend for multiple walks combined with other entertainment, camping and a pub!

You can also download the flier for this weekend here.

Catspaw are also developing some forms to make organising and booking your own L&T walk as easy as possible which will live at the end of this link when they're complete.

To book a Longshanks and Talesman walk for your group mail us here at catspaw.